Ghaziabad Metro Station

What is Ghaziabad metro station?

Introduction of Ghaziabad metro station:
The name “Ghaziuddinnagar” was shortened to its form “Ghaziabad”.
The Head of the Ghaziabad, Shri Rakesh Kumar Singh, is also the District Magistrate. On 8 march 2019, this metro station opened. Shri Krishna Karunesh is the Vice Chairman. Shri Vikramaditya Singh Malik is the Chief Development Officer. There are 10 metro stations in Ghaziabad.

This is owned by Delhi metro Rail station. This metro station has two platforms. The platform is as follows:
Platform 1: Rithala
Platform 2: The train terminates here.
This station has an electricity of AC of 25 kV used worldwide. This electricity is used for high-speed rail stations.

This metro station has two tracks.This metro station has its own station code. The code of this is NBAA.
Ghaziabad metro station is located in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Uttar Pradesh is a state of northern India. The Shaheed Sthal Metro Station, serves is closest to NH 58 bus station and Shaheed Sthal is also known as New Bus Adda Metro Station. The metro station is the Red Line in the Delhi Metro. This red line is the first line that goes to Ghaziabad. The Vaishali is near to Ghaziabad metro station. The distance from Ghaziabad metro station to Vaishali is 12 km.

The famous and attractive things or place of Ghaziabad is as follows:
Shopping Malls
ISKCON Temple, Ghaziabad
Indirapuram Habitat Centre
Gaur Central Mall
The famous food of Ghaziabad is as follows:
The Moonglet is the most famous street food of Ghaziabad.

It is a must to try this delicious food from Ghaziabad.

There is a big crowd here for eating this tasty Moonglet. Ghaziabad is a costly city according to a living point of view. It is a top-list expensive city in the world. The rank of this city is very high globally. The rank of this city in India is 32nd out of 220, and 5th out of 18 in Uttar Pradesh. This Ghaziabad metro station serves is closest to NH 58. The metro station carries passengers from Meerut to New Delhi and is also close to Red Mall Cinepolis. The Red Mall Cinepolis is on the link road which connects NH58 to NH24.

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