Armani Polo Shirt

Armani polo shirt

What is a polo shirt? 

Do you know about polo background?

What actually polo is?

Polo is a brand that was founded in 1976. In 1976, Gordon Joffe along with two former founded polo. His factory produced the first polo shirt. They used the square button as a trademark. With the passage of time, they become the best brand for the quality of the shirts. Ralph Lauren Corporation is a global leader in the design field. Polo is a luxury brand. 

What is a polo shirt? 

A polo shirt comes with a collar. The polo shirt sleeves are short. The length of the polo shirt is long.  

Polo is an American fashion company. This company was founded in 1967 by American fashion designer Ralph Lauren. 

Why did polo shirts call polo?

Because the polo players wear this polo shirt then it is called a polo shirt. Polo shirts have become popular for fifty years. Polo brand is famous among people for its positive traits. It is also popular for its reliability. Polo shirts are made with knitted cotton. These shirts are very comfortable for everyone. Due to their comfort many people like them to wear. A Polo shirt is a combination of timeless buttons. A polo shirt is a form of a shirt with a collar and a few buttons on the shirt. Now it has become a fashion for men and women. Men and women both can wear this polo shirt during games. Polo shirts are the perfect choice for men. They can wear dark color jeans with a polo shirt. A Polo shirt with jeans enhances their look. Armani Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are not tight in their nature. It is a breathing shirt for you. 

The logo of the polo brand is The Polo Horseman. The logo is an American fashion house, Ralph Lauren. Polo shirts are cooler than ever. These shirts have become very popular among people. Nowadays this brand touches the height of success.

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