Empire Cinemas – Sunderland

Empire Cinemas - Sunderland

Who founded Empire Cinemas?

In 1884 Empire Cinemas was opened. It was a West End Theatre. Empire cinemas is a multiplex cinema in the UK. Country, there are 14 empire cinemas. These empire cinemas have 131 screens.

 Thomas Verity designed the theatre at that time. He was a theatre architect. The owner of Ltd is an Irish entrepreneur Thomas Anderson. Anderson also owns Inspiration Holdings Ltd. Inspiration Holdings Ltd company that now owns Altive Media, Pearl & Dean advertising company, Titan Parking, and Clarkebond. Nolly is the CEO of . He is also an Executive Director of Inspiration Holdings. – Sunderland

The Office of Fair Trading had required them to dispose of 11 of the Odeon chain, and also they dispose of six of the Cineworld chain.It is the world’s second-largest cinema chain. Ltd acquired both groups. After they acquired these two groups, they began to rebrand them all as .

In 2016 the company sold five cinemas to Cinewall cinemas. They sold these groups Euro 94 Million. In August 2016, the cinemas transferred to Cineworld cinemas. The Newcastle upon Tyne cinema was also sold to Cineworld cinemas in June 2017. The UK closed and all other temporarily due to a national lockdown in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Sunderland

Are Cinema and Cineworld are same?

At the same time, Cineworld took over the UK and Ireland operations of UGC and began merging them into their existing Cineworld brand. 

 You can sit inside and eat the food you bought from outside the cinemas. arranged Senior’s Sharings 60-year people and over 60-year. At every Wednesday, some of the best recent and classic films are shown. Parking is available at the empire cinema. 

Prices are very reasonable at Empire cinema. They give you suitable discounts for children, students, and senior citizens. In the evening, Empire cinema ticket prices increase, but they are still extremely reasonable for people. Empire Cinemas – Sunderland

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