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Michael Smith News

1. Michael Smith News

 Michael Smith News is the only full time online entertainment network operated by Michael Smith. We have two primary focuses (one being Cannabis related), which you can view below!

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1. Cannabis Industry & Legalization

 Cannabis industry has already started to take off in the U.S., and we have seen several states legalize recreational marijuana use. We’re now starting to see the first wave of commercialized products aimed at consumers in the industry. In addition to legal issues, many people also wonder what these days’ legalization means for their daily lives. Are they still going to be arrested if they smoke pot? Will they get fired? Many people are concerned about how the government is going to regulate the legal market. Others feel that legalizing the drug is a step forward for society. Either way, you should know the basics before you do anything illegal.

 2. Hemp vs Marijuana                                            

 Hemp is cannabis sativa L., while marijuana is cannabis indica, which refers to the species of the cannabis plant that is grown specifically for its psychoactive effects. However, hemp does not produce high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) whereas marijuana may contain up to 20% THC.

 3. How to Grow Weed Indoors

 Whether you plan to start a small-scale cultivation operation or you want to grow enough cannabis for personal consumption, knowing how to cultivate cannabis indoors is critical. A successful marijuana cultivation operation requires both knowledge and experience. You need to understand basic principles of growing and harvesting cannabis in order to avoid wasting time and money.

 4. How to Make Money Selling Weed

 There are different ways to make money selling weed—you could join an existing collective or start a business of your own. If you’re thinking about joining a collective, you might ask yourself questions such as: What kind of expenses will I have to pay? Do I really want to be around smoking pot 24/7? Can I handle working long hours in a place where I’m surrounded by others who smoke weed? These are just some of the things to consider. If you choose to sell weed individually, ask yourself questions such as how much money would I need to spend per week to cover my overhead costs? Or maybe you’d rather become an entrepreneur and open a dispensary instead. Michael Smith News

 5. How to Buy Hashish Online

 Buying hash online isn’t too difficult if you know what you’re getting into. But if you don’t, you could wind up being taken advantage of. Buying hash online is a great way to go, provided that you’re willing to accept the risk involved. Don’t buy from someone you don’t know, especially if he seems suspicious. Most reputable dealers will require a phone number and email address to ensure you’ve actually purchased from them. Once you receive the goods, inspect thoroughly. Check out the packaging; look at the contents inside and outside the package, including the moisture content and color. Also check the hash’s potency and quality. Michael Smith News

 6. Growing Guide for Beginners

 Growing marijuana is expensive, complex, and filled with hazards. To help a beginner weed farmer navigate the path to success, we’ve put together this simple guide to growing marijuana.

 7. How to Start Your Own Weed Business

 Starting a cannabis business can be rewarding and lucrative. There have been many changes over the past few years, and today, there are many legitimate ways to profit from the cannabis industry. Still, with the increased enforcement of marijuana laws, it is more important than ever to research and learn all aspects of the business. This includes regulations, taxes, and the best methods for marketing.

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