Best Fax Iphone App

best fax iphone app

1. Iphone Fax

Iphone fax is the best free fax software for iphone users. It has a simple interface, high speed, wide compatibility, and powerful functions. You can send any document to fax over wifi without using Internet, SMS or USB cable. As for security issue, you can check the status of your fax documents online and choose whether to print out or save them. Besides, you can use ios fax to scan and convert to doc or pdf format. If you want to know more about iPhone apps? 2. Free PDF Converter

Free PDF converter is the simplest way to create PDF file from image files. It can batch convert images and PDF documents at once. And it supports converting multipage PDF files into single page PDF files. Furthermore, it is able to set output quality and resolution according to input parameters. Moreover, you can edit output text directly. So it’s perfect for people who need to do some correction on the generated PDF file. 3. Viber Best Fax Iphone App

The messaging app provides you a lot of convenience services, including sending and receiving messages, making calls, sharing pictures and videos, etc. Besides, it can record voice notes and play music if you have installed the app before. Furthermore, you can easily manage contact information and group chats with Viber. If you want to download viber mobile for iphone, just click here!

 4. Youtube Video Downloader

 It can help you download youtube video from browser and convert it to mp3, m4a, oga, wav, avi formats. Besides, it enables you to edit audio files online and convert between different audio formats. So, you can download youtube video for offline listening. If you wanna download youtube videos on iphone 6s plus, get it here!

 5. Google Translate

 Google translate is a handy tool to translate web pages, instant messengers, emails and chat conversations. It can provide accurate translations and is useful in many ways like learning languages and communicating with speakers of various countries. And now, it supports multiple languages translation as well. If you want to try google translate on android, get it here! 6. WhatsApp

¬†WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. With it, you can message friends and family members across phone networks, even if their numbers aren’t in your contacts list. WhatsApp also includes features like end-to-end encryption, photo and video messaging (up to 1 GB each), voice calling, broadcast messages, etc. Best Fax Iphone App

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